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Is Jotaro’s hat his hat?

What is Jotaro’s hat?

Jotaro Kujo is the protagonist of element three of JoJo’s bizarre adventure, Stardust Crusaders, and the third JoJo inside the series. He is a chief ally in Diamond is Unbreakable and Stone Ocean, and appears in short in Vento Aureo. Jotaro is therefore the JoJo who seems most usually in the collection.

Jotaro is a half jap antisocial living a regular lifestyle until the ancestral enemy of Joestar, DIO, returns. Whilst his mom Holy falls unwell because of the influence of DIO, Jotaro crosses half of the Earth together with his grandfather Joseph Joestar and a group of pals to store Holy and defeat the Vampire once and for all.

Jotaro is a Stand Handler and owns the powerful big-name Platinum. He’s the great-recognized individual in the series. He is also the daddy of Jolyne Cujoh, the protagonist of Stone Ocean.


Jotaro is installed as a tall, 195 cm (6 feet 5 in), attractive, and muscular young man. He has darkish hair that merges with his hat, thick, continually frowning brows and inexperienced eyes. [6] Because of this, he bears a positive resemblance to his grandfather Joseph Joestar and his ancestor Jonathan Joestar.


The famous Jotaro hat is enhanced with a gold button on the center of the brow and a rectangular plaque on the left. The hat is torn and indicates up as though it combined with Jotaro’s hair. Inside the case, at the start, the hat and the hair have been surely separated, the border among the 2 obscures because the collection advances. Araki clarifies that he needed to understand Jotaro from the lower back as a good deal as from the front, subsequently the hat.


Jotaro modifications gown numerous instances during Diamond is Unbreakable. These costumes proportion a hat and a coat with extensive pants, all white.

His first dress consists of a coat with a white folded collar, with the sleeves decorated with the equal triangular paving stone as his belts. He nevertheless wears a tank top with a diagonal strap on his chest. His hat is embellished with a metallic “J” next to a coronary heart-formed pine with the palm image.

Jotaro wears his second costume for the duration of the arc the search is on! He recollects his high college uniform with a coat with a rigid collar and a simple blouse. His hat is embellished with pine timber inside the shape of dolphins and the solar, and his coat is embellished on the right with a plaque inside the shape of two dolphins forming a coronary heart, in addition to a pine tree in the form of a rectangular at the left.

His final dress has a coat with identical sleeves as the first costume. Jotaro wears a thin open cardigan without buttons with a cross and circle motif and a black turtleneck sweater emblazoned with the palm on the collar. His hat is embellished with pins inside the form of the symbols of Venus (♀) with arrowheads and still the palm plate. His belts no longer have patterns and he attached a pocket to them.

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