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Magical Procedure of Nuru Massage

The magical process of Nuru massage

Nuru is the Japanese technology of erotic massage, that was invented within the city of Kawasaki. The method requires that one or several naked masseuses cover themselves with a tasteless rubdown lotion that has no smell and is referred to as the Nuru gel. in any case rubdown contributors covers themselves with it, the amusing starts offevolved – horny masseuse (or several ladies) start caressing the person’s body with their slippery arms and bodies. It provides a man with unforgettable sensations.

Peculiarities of the Procedure

Both masseuse and a man have to be absolutely bare. Then comes lubrication with Nuru gel. The pores and skin right now turn smooth, very soft, and additionally very slippery. This makes it clean for a lovely girl to gently caress a person without much attempt.

The tender touches of the arms, hips, body, buttocks, chest, make a man extraordinarily aroused after just a few minutes. However, a professional masseuse knows the way to hold a man under manipulate. Understandably, there is no intercourse, just entire relaxation that ends with a satisfied finishing. Here are what you’ll get having selected this manner in SweetTouch Valencia:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Intense excitation.
  • The pride from mild touches.
  • Quality sensations from an advanced sexual game.
  • The pores and skin turn into soft and velvet.
  • Splendid mood.
  • Launch of sexual power.

At some point in the rubdown, the girl attempts to caress huge regions of her body to make the procedure maximally cozy for a person. Warm waves of pride and an explosive orgasm in the end – that’s what one receives with the synagogue.

The Technique

In case you want to do that system, you are really inquisitive about what body areas and in what manner are affected. On the whole, all interest is paid to the back and chest, in addition to the buttocks and legs. In keeping with the ancient jap generation, it isn’t essential to apply classic strategies. We mean rubbing shoulders, back, and decrease again with arms most effective. palms gradually slide on the body, lightly and thoroughly touching it.

There’s no need to use hard pressure or a variety of techniques, as this rubdown is all approximately tender. Nuru does not offer a deep muscle rub down, its obligations are absolutely one of a kind. This precise method is aimed at the intellectual and physical rest of a man, filling him with energy, pleasure, and ardor.

Having attempted this method as soon as, you’ll by no means neglect all the deep sensations it provoked. In SweetTouch Valencia, you’re welcome to revel in an erotic Nuru rubdown. simply pick the girl from the gallery (all pix are actual, so don’t worry about it), name SweetTouch, and make a booking.

With the assistance of this process, you will experience absolutely renewed, lively, and ready for new achievements. Collection of processes can enhance your male health, make your skin better, fill you with existence power. What’s the factor of refusing one of this delight? This rubdown is an experience every guy has to try.


Nuru is the Japanese technology of erotic massage, that changed into an invention within the town of Kawasaki. The approach calls for one or numerous bare masseuses to cowl themselves with a tasteless rub-down lotion that has no scent and is known as the Nuru gel. In any case, massage participants cowl themselves with it, the fun starts – horny masseuse (or several ladies) begin caressing the person’s frame with their slippery palms and our bodies. It affords a man with unforgettable sensations.

The phrase “Nuru” itself comes from jap and is translated as “slippery/smooth”. throughout a rubdown, the participants try to get hold of the closest possible physical contact. Massage therapists regularly use all of the body or even touch a face. robust tactile emotions provide a relaxing effect and assist to lessen stress.

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